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Storage of Bottles and Closures.

All Bottles, Jars and Closures must be stored in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

PET Bottles And Jars.

With respect to PET Bottles and Jars - they are particularly susceptible to heat and sunlight and particular care should be taken. PET bottles and Jars exhibit particular tell tale faults if stored incorrectly.

Welcome to Contapack


Conta-Pack is an Australian-owned company that specialists in the manufacture of PET plastic bottles and jars in Australia. We manufacture in our Brisbane facility packaging for Industrial, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries.



Contapack's new environmental policy

Contapack is currently implementing our new environmental policy With recycling and green power at its core.
We have currently installed 64kw (192 pannels) of solar and another 20kw later in the year.

We are installing more efficent compressors that will use less energy to run.

We have installed LED bulbs throughout our bussiness including LED High Bay Lighting.
We are trying to reduce our carbon foot print in both energy use and packaging for our products.
We encourage our customers to allow us to recycle our cartons.
We recycle or send to recyclers all our reject product.
We offer factory seconds for bottles that are usable but not up to our quality standard.
We use post consumer PET when available in some of the bottles we make.




Now Available 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml PET Jars with Aluminium Lids.


24mm & 28mm Aluminium Lids

24mm & 28mm Aluminium Lids

50ml,100ml & 250ml PET Jars with Aluminiun Lids.

















PET Jars - 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml Clear PET Jars with Aluminium Lids, 24mm and 28mm Aluminium Lids

These Clear PET BPA free Jars have an Aluminium Wadded Lid included and are suitable for a wide variety of products from Cosmetics, Body Butters, Moisturizers, Body Scrubs, Balms, Waxes, Hair Products, to Herbs N Spices, Sweets, Cake Decorations, Craft Products, Beads, Buttons, Hair Clips and Bobby Pins. Use these PET Jars in the Man Shed for Washers, Nuts, Screws Etc. The uses for these PET Jars is endless.
24mm and 28mm Wadded Aluminium lids fit most standard 24/410 and 28/410 necks.






28mm Trigger sprays in 6 different colours.

6 coloured sprays


Available in Transparent Green/Natural, Transparent Blue/Natural, All natural, All White, Red/White and All Black. Use the different colours to colour match labels, colour code products or dress up you product.
All with 28/410 ratchet anti-back off closures (bottle must have ratchet to use this feature). Suitable for most household and industrial chemicals, long lasting with spray-stream-off nozzles.
Available from Brisbane and shipped all over Australia.












200ml PET Foamer Bottles.

We have moved production of our 200ml, 250ml PET Foamer Bottle range to Australia and we are making them in our Brisbane production facility. We are increasing our range to include White, Cobalt Blue and Amber. These are a 27gm bottle with a 42mm foamer neck suitable for our 42mm foamer pumps.

Available from Brisbane and shipped all over Australia.

coloured foamer bottles


200ml Foamer Bottles.

200ml PET foamer bottles available in the following colours -clear, white, cobalt blue, black and amber with a choice of high dose (1.6ml/T) 42mm foamer pumps in white/natural over cap, black/natural over cap and black/black tint over cap.
Custom colours available, for bottle and pump with a minimum order quantity of 10,000 units.
All 200ml foamer bottles are manufactured in Brisbane and shipped Australia wide.




New 42mm Foamer Pumps.

We have increased our range of 42mm Foamer Pumps to suite our locally made 200ml, 250ml and 375ml PET Foamer Bottle range to include black foamer pumps with natural overcaps and black foamer pumps with dark transparent black tint overcaps. Available from Brisbane and shipped all over Australia.






125ml Boston PET Coloured

125ml PET Boston Bottles - 24mm/410 neck

We have expanded our 125ml PET Boston range to include Cobalt Blue, Black and Amber. These are a 12gm bottle with a 24mm/410 cosmetic neck suitable for most of our 24mm pumps, sprays and dispensing closures. All 125ml boston bottles are manufactured in Brisbane and shipped Australia wide. This is the start to our expanding PET bottle range. Over the next few months we expect to be adding a large number of PET bottles and colours to our existing range of bottles.

Colours available - Clear, White, Black, Cobalt Blue and Amber. Height 128mm x Ø42mm - 135ml Brim Full. - 520 per box.





We also offer a range of services including:

Package Design and Development
Toolmaking for both Blow, PET and Injection Moulding
Custom Moulding of Blow, PET and Injection Molded Components
A Full in House Screen Printing service.