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Storage of Bottles and Closures.

All Bottles, Jars and Closures must be stored in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

PET Bottles And Jars.

With respect to PET Bottles and Jars - they are particularly susceptible to heat and sunlight and particular care should be taken. PET bottles and Jars exhibit particular tell tale faults if stored incorrectly.

Welcome to Contapack


COVID 19 Update from Contapack -

Our showroom and office is closed to all customers but we are still trading

We will continue to trade through email orders and payment can be made by credit card over the phone or direct deposit. To ensure the safety of our staff and customers amidst the Covid19 Pandemic, we are closing our showroom and office to all customers ONLY. If you would like to pick up, the warehouse will be leaving orders in a designated area outside, to ensure a zero-contact delivery. This is a temporary measure which will be reviewed as the situation unfolds. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this together and intend to keep business running as smoothly as possible in these challenging times.

We are currently experiencing stock shortages due to high demand. The affected products include bottles, dispenser, caps, sprayers and pumps. We are working to get these back in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime, we suggest putting your order through so that when stock arrives you are in the queue, and if you no longer require the items just let us know. We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated!

However due to the falling Australian dollar we are not able to quote prices at this time. As shipments arrive we will be costing the stock and then allocating to existing orders first. We currently have various dispensing closures becoming available from our overseas manufactures however the shipping time to Brisbane has increased from 10 days to 28 days.

Current in-hand orders for locally produced bottles have increased significantly over the last few weeks. This has increased lead time to 3-5 week on most of our locally produced bottles.

Many of our factories have now re-opened with a limited production capacity. However many of the factory workers have remained stranded at home and unable to return due to the road closures between provinces. This is now starting to change and a slow movement of factory workers is now beginning to occur. These workers must first spend a quarantine period of 2 weeks nearby their factories and only once cleared, can they return to the factory to begin work. As the workers return, we anticipate most of our factories will resume full production by mid-March.
ROAD: Local road transport is operating. This will allow us to begin moving goods from our factories to port.
SEA: We have shipped our first container from China but we are no longer able to book on 10 day service. We anticipate an extra 10-18 days in sailing times on our sea freight shipments, as the vessels will be held from berthing in Australia until a minimum of 14 days has elapsed since departure from China.
AIR: Air freight is limited, with rates changing every 24 hours. Many of the airline carriers have ceased their import and export operations to/from China up until 1st March, however this is subject to change at any time. Air freight availability and costs can only be confirmed as the goods actually become available for pick-up from the factories.
As a result, we anticipate delays with some existing orders. Within the next 1-2 weeks, we will update our order ETAs.
Forward planning and early placement of new orders is highly recommended. In the coming months (6 to 12 months), we anticipate a very high demand for China production from both their domestic and international markets and expect some extended lead times on new orders. We are currently seeing 6-12 weeks ex factory availability instead of our usual 3-5 weeks.


Contapack is working with our factories to work through this period. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we receive them.



Contapack's new environmental policy

Contapack is currently implementing our new environmental policy With recycling and green power at its core.
We have currently installed 95kw (266 panels) of solar.

We have installed more efficient compressors that will use less energy to run.

We have installed LED bulbs throughout our business including LED High Bay Lighting.
We are trying to reduce our carbon foot print in both energy use and packaging for our products.
We encourage our customers to allow us to recycle our cartons.
We recycle or send to recyclers all our reject product.
We offer factory seconds for bottles that are usable but not up to our quality standard.
We use post consumer PET when available in some of the bottles we make.






We also offer a range of services including:

Package Design and Development
Toolmaking for both Blow, PET and Injection Moulding
Custom Moulding of Blow, PET and Injection Molded Components
A Full in House Screen Printing service.