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Please provide your full delivery address with post code. (No P.O. Boxes) Contact name/Company name and Contact phone number.

Storage of Bottles and Closures.

All Bottles, Jars and Closures must be stored in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

PET Bottles And Jars.

With respect to PET Bottles and Jars - they are particularly susceptible to heat and sunlight and particular care should be taken. PET bottles and Jars exhibit particular tell tale faults if stored incorrectly.

About Screen Printing


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Contapack's screen printing service is only available for bottles we sell.

We print directly onto our bottles and jars using either UV inks or solvent inks.
Once products have been complete they are tumbled packed into boxes.
Please ask which products are suitable for screen printing before planning your design.


Minimum Order Quantity

We require all orders to be above 2,500 bottles and we will print the nearest full box above your requirement.
During the printing process there can be 1-3% wastage of product per colour. Please allow for this when placing orders. We can not print an exact quantity.


Screen Set-Up Cost

For all new or amended artwork new screens are required for each design. Screens cost $190 per colour/per design.
This is a once only cost while you continue to use our screen printing services and have you job printed at least once per year.
Screens not used at least once per year will be reclaimed/re-meshed and used for other work, requiring a setup cost next time the job is run.
You are paying for the use of the screen only and Conta-Pack retains ownership of the screens repairing as necessary for the life of the job.


Small Order Set-Up Cost for Orders Less Than 2,500 bottles

1,000 -1,499 bottles incur a set-up fee of $350
1,500 -2,500 bottles incur a set-up fee of $250
For multipule SKUs with a print run of less than 2,500 per SKU a $100.00 per SKU charge will apply - minimum run of 500 bottles per SKU



Lead-time is 4-5 weeks from receipt of order or signed artwork approval sheet.
Please note for out of stock items or custom made products lead times will be longer please inquire before planning your design.


Artwork Set-Up

We require all artwork to be completed by a graphic designer and submitted in Adobe Illustrator or PDF format.
Artwork must be set up to the correct screen print dimensions, dye-lines available on request.
The design must all be in vector, we cannot print JPG images including the bar-code.
All half tone work is run at a maximum of 120 line screen, lower screen rulings are available on request.
We only print round bottles and not all round bottles are able to be printed - please ask before you start you artwork.
Of the bottles we can print, not all bottles can be printed in more than 1 colour - this will be noted on our dye-lines.
We also require you to sign all artwork for confirmation on an Artwork Approval Sheet before we commence printing.
Bar-codes All bar-codes must be generated by you and placed in your design before being submitted. Conta-Pack cannot approve your bar-code, please test your bar-code before artwork is submitted. Please note some colours are not recognized by a bar-code scanner, please inquire before planning your design.


Dark Coloured Bottles / Jars

All plastic can get scuffed and scratched when handled. These marks are more noticeable on darker colour bottles and are unavoidable on all bottle colours especially when printing.


Designing Artwork For Your Product

We cannot do a full wrap print - meaning both ends of your design cannot meet. There will be at least a 8mm gap this needs to be included in your artwork.
Your design cannot be printed too closely to the shoulder (top) or the bottom of your product. Please use the recommended screen print dimensions found on our print dye-lines.


Print Colours and Printing on Coloured Bottles.

We can print a maximum of 3 colours per design.
All ink colours must be provided in Pantone Solid Coated Colours only, we cannot print with CMYK colours.
Pantone colours are best suited for a white background. Your ink colours can be matched to suit a coloured background as closely as possible however please note there will be colour variations when printing on different colour backgrounds.
Printing on Amber Bottles - Amber in particular is a tricky colour to print, is absorbs UV light and therefore dries inconsistently. It will be dry to touch but may scuff, mark other bottles in the print run or scratch off easily. We recommend for maximum resistance with Amber Bottles you consider a clear varnish over all Amber Printed Bottles. This is considered to be an extra colour and is charged for but not counted as a colour in the 4 colour maximum we are able to print