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Storage of Bottles and Closures.

All Bottles, Jars and Closures must be stored in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

PET Bottles And Jars.

With respect to PET Bottles and Jars - they are particularly susceptible to heat and sunlight and particular care should be taken. PET bottles and Jars exhibit particular tell tale faults if stored incorrectly.

New 250ml, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml BPA free PET

Syrup, Condiments, Sauce, Cold Brew Coffee, Spirit, Juice, Edible Oil and Beer Bottles.

All PET used in the manufacture of our bottles is BPA free.

These bottles have 28mm PCO neck finish taking common water/soft drink caps. The bottles will have CSD styled bases allowing for a small amount of carbonation.

PET bottles are not only convenient, lightweight and shatter resistant, but they also offer expanded new use occasions where glass is normally prohibited, such as in airlines or outdoor events (stadiums, concerts, picnics, boating etc.)


375ml Square, 750ml, 500ml, 375ml and 250ml Round are now available (clear only).




250ml, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml round are suitable for beer and are being used by Boutique Breweries for non-glass events and shows.

250ml, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml round are also being used for home brew beer. Conta pack offers a premium look and feel PET bottle for beer. These have many advantages over glass in terms of weight, durability and cost - making them ideal for occasions like festivals and BBQs.


Syrup Bottles

28mm PCO 1810 Neck

Dia x Height

Each *


Carton *

8 Cartons *

375ml PET Square Syrup

55mm x 55mm 208mm

* Limited stock available

250ml PET Round Syrup

Ø52mm x 200mm

* Limited stock available

375ml PET Round Syrup

Ø58mm x 220mm

* Limited stock available

500ml PET Round Syrup

Ø65mm x 246mm

* Limited stock available

750ml PET Round Syrup

Ø74mm x 280mm

* Limited stock available

750ml PET Round Syrup - Factory Seconds when available.

Ø74mm x 280mm

* Limited stock available

28mm PCO CAPS - Black, White (for non-carbonated)
Cap application torque 10-12 ft-lbf




($0.10 each)

($0.09 each)

28mm PCO CAPS - Dark Blue and Light Blue
(suitable for carbonated beverages)




($0.10 each)

($0.09 each)

28mm Flip Top CAPS - Black with 5mm Orifice - suitable for above bottles.




($0.10 each)

($0.08 each)

28mm Black 7.5ml Syrup pump - suitable for above bottles.




($3.25 each)


* All prices ex-GST. Add 10% to prices for GST inclusive pricing. Call for competitive quote on larger quantities.